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Locally Owned & Operated

We specialise in all automotive electrical and mechanical repairs and servicing. We work on all makes and models of cars, vans and light trucks. We work with major brands including Hella Endurant, NGK, Spark Shop, Bosch and more.

Mobile Service Available

We have fully equipped mobile service vehicles ready and available to come to you! If you have electrical problems on your commercial site, or home garage – give us a call and we can come and attend to your problem.

Anything Auto Electrical – We Do It!

We repair or replace alternators, electric windows, head lights, brake and tail lights, spark plugs, starter motors, trailer lights. We install new stereo or video, do wiring and full rewires, as well as automotive diagnostic scans.

Book an appointment and get your vehicle’s electrical system checked

Cars, vans and light trucks have many electrical parts. These parts can vary greatly according to the vehicle make, model and age. Electrical systems include battery, alternator and starter. The electrical system may also include sophisticated computer systems that operate steering, brakes, dashboard instruments, safety systems and more. These complex systems sometimes make it difficult to diagnose the cause of a vehicle’s electrical problems. However Anything Auto Electrical has modern diagnostic equipment, which can accomplish the task quickly. Let us check your vehicle’s electrical system, if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  1. Your vehicle won’t start – you turn your key and hear clicking, grinding, or no sound at all
  2. Interior or dashboard lights do not illuminate properly
  3. Your headlights dim when idling.
  4. You have strange warning lights or visual displays illuminating on your dashboard instruments.

Some other common electrical problems are loose or worn battery cables, blown fuses in your fuse box, a broken ignition or, loose or old spark plugs. As always prevention is better than a cure. The best solution to avoiding any problems occurring when you least need them is to get a regular check up at Anything Auto Electrical. Book your appointment with us soon and avoid any nasty electrical or mechanical problems! 

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