Fault diagnosis is the first step. As vehicles become more computerised, our service and repair technicians need the best tools to diagnose faults correctly. We have scanning equipment that covers almost any event and vehicle. When your vehicle ignition is first switched on, your warning lights illuminate briefly to confirm that the systems are working. They should then turn off as soon as the engine starts. If a warning light flickers intermittently, or stays on while driving, you may have a problem. If there is a strange light on your dashboard or a warning on your display, our team will carry out fault diagnosis and fix it for you. 

Regular servicing and maintenance can help protect your vehicle. If you suspect your vehicle is not performing correctly or you see some suspicious warning indicators, let us run our scanning equipment over your vehicle. It could save you some big expenses later.

When we service your vehicle, we will run a proactive scan to detect any potential fault with your electrical systems.